Client Success Story: South Metro Junior Football League

Carley Galasso
13 September 2016

The SMJFL is a junior Australian Rules football league that operates in south-east metropolitan Melbourne. With over 26 clubs, 400+ playing teams across 52 divisions, the SMJFL caters for age groups ranging from Under 8s to Under 17s, including three divisions for girls - Under 12, Under 15 and Under 18.

Prior to using Everproof, the SMJFL was using spreadsheets to manage the qualifications of each of the 26 football clubs that compete in the league. Clubs had to manage the verification of staff and volunteer qualifications using manual processes, taking up valuable time.

Support made the transition a breeze

Emily found the support they received from the team at Everproof was fantastic. “Everproof helped us with a range of tasks and provided us with support throughout, making the transition to Everproof a breeze. They made life really easy for us.”

Streamlining processes

Everproof’s system has helped to streamline the SMJFL’s processes. It has made it a lot easier for the clubs to manage their volunteers and ensure they have the correct qualifications, and in turn that makes it easier for us to manage and be assured that every staff member and volunteered involved with the SMJFL is compliant for their roles.” This helps to put the SMJFL administrators at ease, being able to easily see that their staff and volunteers are doing the right thing.

“The workload will be halved moving forward”

From a club and league perspective, a lot of administration work has been alleviated. With Everproof, the SMJFL don’t have to go through their manual excel database “row by row” to audit and assess the compliance of their clubs.

A feature that has been particularly helpful in alleviating manual processes is the automated verification of Working with Children Checks. Alongside the automated verification, Emily sees the archive as one of their favourite features of the system. She has been particularly impressed with the way that you can “just press a button” and get an instant download of information from any week to date.

More benefits to come…

The SMJFL is excited about the future with Everproof, and believe they’ll see further benefit in the next couple of years and are also looking forward to trying out the compliance dashboard that is going live soon!

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