Client Success Story: Pure Allstars

Carley Galasso
28 October 2016

Pure Allstars is an all-girl Cheer and Dance Club, located in Melbourne. Their Cheer and Dance program caters from beginners through to some of the top cheer and dance athletes in Victoria. Pure Allstars manages 14 teams and has 10 coaching staff.

Prior to using Everproof, Pure Allstars management were setting reminders in their phones and computer calendars to keep track of their employees’ qualifications and renewal. Adding the expiry date of each staff qualification, following up staff to book in for their renewals, and ensuring they provide their updated qualifications was found to be a time-consuming process, meaning they had less time to focus on providing a great experience for their participants.

Everproof has given Pure Allstars the confidence that all staff are qualified for their roles

Cheerleading has a high injury rate in Australia, making it particularly important that all coaches are appropriately qualified to deal with injuries with CPR, First Aid, and Emergency Life Support. In addition to these qualifications, Pure Allstars staff require a valid Working with Children Check as participants range in age from younger children to adults.

An overall improvement in compliance

Pure Allstars Director, Tash Merzvinskis, has noticed an increase in compliance, in particular with staff proactively maintaining their CPR qualifications. CPR certificates need to be renewed every year, making this certificate one of the most challenging qualifications for Pure Allstars to keep track of. Everproof’s automated notifications alert staff when their qualification is 90, 60, 30 and 14 days away from expiry. Through this feature, Tash has observed that staff are getting their qualifications renewed in advance, instead of as an afterthought.

Tash has also noticed that “staff are more aware of their responsibility in making sure all qualifications are current”. Everproof has encouraged Pure Allstars staff to think what qualification requirements they need to fulfil in order to stay compliant in their role.

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