Client Success Story: Cricket Victoria

Virginia Krantz
28 July 2017

1,100 clubs managing WWCCs manually

Cricket Victoria has over 1,100 clubs that were previously managing Working with Children Checks and Coaching Accreditations manually, through a combination of Excel worksheets, scanned hard copies and hard work by volunteer administrators. Scott Tutton, the Pathway, Club & Competitions Development Manager for Cricket Victoria, said that this process was only about recording that an individual had a Working with Children Check at a point in time, missing a key requirement of the newly implemented Child Safe Standards. Through strategic investment by Cricket Victoria, they were able to provide access to Everproof for those clubs and teams participating in competitions managed directly by Cricket Victoria: Victorian Premier Cricket, Cricket Southern Bayside, Cricket Victoria Women’s Community Cricket Competition and Cricket Victoria State Championships.

Records easily misplaced or lost

Whilst policies and guidelines had been in place for some time, there was no ongoing monitoring of the WWCC statuses of those in community cricket who are required by law to have a Check, resulting in “little consistency” throughout the entire Cricket Victoria network. With existing methods, Scott was concerned that records could easily be misplaced or lost when volunteers turned over each season, causing more work for everyone involved.

Finding a better way forward

Everproof’s ability to oversee compliance for those teams and clubs in one location was a big attraction for Scott. Previously, the responsibility for maintaining records was passed onto clubs, and there was no consistent way for them to share this with their associations or with Cricket Victoria if required. “A number of associations have been meticulous in ensuring that they provide a safe and welcoming environment for children through good communication and processes. Evidence showed us however that this was not consistent across the state, and as the peak body for the sport in Victoria, we felt responsible for trying to find a better way forward for our members in the monitoring of Working With Children Checks”, said Scott.

A seamless transition

Scott found the process of starting up with Everproof easy and seamless, with support from Everproof to help with the transition; “Nathan and Hugh were a huge help early on, they helped us understand what the technology could and couldn’t do”. He expressed that Everproof’s customer facing service has been helpful and hands on, with Everproof taking on the responsibility of providing ongoing support to all club users.

A bird’s eye view

Scott notes the biggest benefit Everproof has provided is the ability to drill down and evaluate compliance for a specific club or association from a single dashboard. The automatic notification and alerts when a WWCC is expired or revoked provides benefits an Excel spreadsheet just can’t, and reduces the administrative workload for volunteers.

Since the implementation of Everproof, Scott has seen an increase of compliance across Cricket Victoria. There was no ability to measure on compliance previously across the state, and now Cricket Victoria is seeing improved numbers in WWCC metrics and overall compliance, with better oversight of clubs, individuals, and groups.

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