Client Success Story: Edmund Rice Camps

Virginia Krantz
11 September 2017

Edmund Rice Camps Victoria (ERCV) is a Melbourne-based charity that provides camps for families and children who come from a disadvantaged background. Their camps are mostly staffed by volunteers aged between the ages of 16 and 30. A major part of these camps is the 1:1 ratio of volunteers to kids, which they believe creates the best opportunity to build strong relationships.

Prior to using Everproof, managing qualifications was “very time consuming”

ERCV was finding it difficult to manage their qualifications and certifications, says Steve Allen, the Executive Officer of ERCV. Previously, Steve had to collect the staff’s Working with Children Checks (WWCC), then manually check the validity of the checks and list themselves as a listed organisation. After that, he had to enter and store the information using Excel spreadsheets and FilemakerPro. Steve expressed that this process required “a fair amount of handling of information at our end.”

As a small organisation with limited staff and resources, these processes were ineffectively managing qualifications in an environment where child safety is crucial. This caused ERCV to look for a system that could improve these processes. In their search, they came across Everproof through the Australian Camps Association.

The process of getting started with Everproof was “painless”

Steve states that the setup with Everproof has been easy and seamless, especially for volunteers, who are a critical part of their organisation, only needed to provide their information once. Steve has found the service support provided by Everproof as “outstanding” and “a delight to work with.” Steve also commented that the support staff are very responsive through the phone, email or on Everproof’s online support helpdesk.

Everproof gives organisations peace of mind by automatically verifying WWCC’s

Steve has found Everproof very easy to use, with a simple and self-explanatory interface that allows him to see WWCC compliance at an organisational level. Everproof helps support ERCV by keeping a constant track of WWCCs and reducing the chance of human error. Steve notes, “this helps mitigate the risk of volunteers being in a camp without a valid WWCC, which gives us a huge level of comfort knowing that Everproof validates these checks and we will receive notifications if anything changes.”

Everproof has helped saved valuable time for a small administrative staff

This saves Edmund Rice Camps administrative team time by reducing the manual handling of information. This saved time for the administrative staff is “gold” for a small not-for-profit organisation with limited resources. Edmund Rice Camps are further taking advantage of Everproof’s platform by encouraging camp leaders to upload their other qualifications such as first aid qualifications and bus/driver licences, which further cuts down the manual handling of information on their end.

Steve would “absolutely” recommend Everproof to other organisations and is already reaching out to their sister organisations to see if Everproof could benefit them as well.

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