The Business

Everproof is a startup based in Melbourne, Australia. Our mission is to digitise the world's qualifications, and we’re building a platform to facilitate that. Currently we are going through a period of rapid growth, and next quarter we anticipate bringing on over 80,000 new users. We currently have: three Software Engineers, two Developer Interns, four Account Executives, a Customer Success Officer and a Marketing Manager.

We've raised two rounds of investment to date, so we have a healthy cash balance. We were also recently offered positions in both Startmate and Techstars; which are two of the best accelerator programs in the world. We have since accepted Startmate’s offer.

This is a snippet about the program: "Naval Ravikant, co-founder of AngelList, ranks Startmate alongside ycombinator and Techstars as one of the top five accelerators in the world. The Economist listed Startmate as one of the top accelerators in the world based on follow-on funding for alumni."

The Product

We currently have three core applications.

The first is a wallet for individuals to digitise their qualifications, accreditations, certifications and licenses. A typical use case would be a childcare worker who needs to make sure they have a valid Working With Children Check (WWCC) at all times. These accounts are free, and will be free forever. Anybody can sign-up for a Everproof Personal Account today.

The second is an enterprise dashboard for organisations. Organisation signup for Everproof, define a list of qualifications that people in their organisations need, and can monitor any issues with expiring, expired or revoked qualifications. For example, a school will define that Teachers require a WWCC and a Teaching Registration. They could also define that Football Coaches need a WWCC and a FIFA Coaching Accreditation. They can then manage the compliance of their organisation through our intuitive dashboard. This is how we make money, we charge on a per user basis.

The third and final application is our Course Provider Portal. We allow institutions to issue qualifications digitally directly into Everproof. A use case for this would be an organisation like St Johns Ambulance who provide first aid training. Instead of issuing thousands of paper based qualifications a month they can directly issue them into a Everproof user’s wallet.

Open Positions

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